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Sunday, 12 March 2017

How Anoop Bungay Pioneered Certified Levels of Quality Management in Finance: QualityGuard: The Finance Sector Safeguard System for Investors-Lenders & Borrowers

In 2006, the finance market was full of  money; everybody was making it. Homeowners, brokers, banker's, lender's insurers. No one cared if the party would stop. Indeed, the cynics knew that political concepts of "too big to fail" were real, and if something bad happened market-wise, governments would step in to help.

Many person's made money in the years leading up to the great financial crisis, and fewer person's made more money, in the years after the great financial crisis. Indeed, movies were made to celebrate those who profited from the pre-financial crisis years: namely, "Wolf of Wall Street" and post-financial crisis years: namely, "The Big Short".

Pre-2006, the founder of one company, MortgageQuote Canada Corp., had the foresight to start along the path to develop a business management system that would effect organization resilience during both good times and bad times. The system today, is trademark branded as the "iQMS: MortgageQuote Integrated, Risk-Based Quality Management System". Certifiably based upon the quality management principles and requirements of ISO 9001:2015; the National Standard for Quality Management in Canada, USA, UK, European Union, Australia and over 150 other countries.

To learn how Anoop Bungay, Founder of MortgageQuote Canada Corp. pioneered Pioneered Certified Levels of Quality Management in Finance visit:

The patent-pending, enterprise level iQMS is multi-faceted and among other benefits, safeguards MortgageQuote stakeholders alike, to ensure that real estate finance transactions function at the highest certified levels of quality: in a statutory, regulatory and process compliant manner.

One unique outcome of iQMS implementation is development of QualityGuard: The Finance Sector Safeguard System for Investors-Lenders & Borrowers.

What does QualityGuard do for stakeholders? QualityGuard effects less mistakes, errors, omissions and losses caused by non-compliance. Look at to learn more about what happens when bad things happen to finance sector organizations that fail to function at certified levels of statutory, regulatory and process compliance.

Let's face it, there is enough risk in life to trust your finances with a company that cannot even demonstrate certified levels of quality, when it comes to your finances.

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