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Friday, 23 June 2017

Move over Paris and New York, "haute couture" comes to Finance! BESPOKE™ Brand, Custom Tailored Mortgage Instruments - Yes, this exists!


Did you know that there is a mortgage company that offers customized, "tailored" mortgage instruments, for borrowers and investors, alike?

MortgageQuote's BESPOKE™ brand of mortgage products is a suite of customized mortgage solutions that individually fit the needs of the borrower or the Private Equity Mortgage (PEM®) investor-lender.

Unlike "off the shelf" (non-tailored) mortgage solutions provided by general practice ("mainstream retail") mortgage lenders or general practice ("mainstream retail") licensed mortgage brokers, MortgageQuote's service are the "best" for those persons who seek a custom solution. 

Haute Couture, BESPOKE™ brand, Custom Tailored Mortgage Instruments, this is the Power of Equity®.

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BESPOKETM brand, Custom Tailored Creative Mortgage Solutions



Mortgages and mortgage providers are no different from the clothing industry. There are varying grades and qualities. Indeed, the similarities are greater than you might think:


Mortgage Providers: Regulated Banks and Credit Unions - Traditional government regulated mortgage lenders are no different from Off the Rack clothiers; a mass manufactured, mass-marketed product designed for the various classes of individuals.  

Type of Mortgages: High Ratio (government backed or insured), first time home buyers, new immigrant, combination Mortgage-Credit Line-Credit facilities.


Mortgage Providers: Regulated Mortgage Investment Companies (MIC), Mortgage Syndicates - Lending institutions that are government regulated or securities commission regulated and have restrictions on how their investment capital is raised, mortgage funds are loaned and the asset content of their portfolio.

Type of Mortgages: Debt consolidation, no credit/poor credit, un-provable income

BESPOKETM: MortgageQuote's brand of made-to-order solution for providing specifically designed mortgages for people's unique situation.

Mortgage Providers: MortgageQuote Canada Corp. only. BESPOKE is a trademark of MortgageQuote Canada Corp.

Type of Mortgages: Custom

Unlike Off- the-Rack or Made-to-Measure, a MortgageQuote BESPOKETM mortgage solutions are provided by mortgage investor-lenders who are unregulated by the government and are unrestricted in how and where they loan their money. If a BESPOKE mortgage investor-lender wants to help someone by approving a mortgage, even if it is on future development swamp lands, or a for a person who inherited real estate but has bad credit and no income, the mortgage investor-lender is free to do so.

MortgageQuote BESPOKETM: Your Private Equity Mortgage SolutionTM, Made to Order.
Mortgagequote's BESPOKETM mortgages are created with the input of both the applicant and their mortgage advisor to ensure maximum customization. Just as with bespoke clothing, the BESPOKETM mortgage is not cheap but nothing compares to the power of having a quality finance solution that is tailored specifically for your credit requirements and financial objectives.

MortgageQuote's BESPOKETM mortgage solution: A premium solution consisting of high quality and custom fit; it's unapologetically good.

Private Equity Mortgages are very powerful because the sometimes afford a qualified applicant the opportunity to have a "custom made" mortgage solution.

Institutional lenders and non-authenticated private lenders simply CANNOT DO THIS.

- Don't pay a cent event type mortgages - where payments are not made on a Monthly basis
- Reversible mortgages (not a reverse mortgage)  - where we can change the terms of a mortgage to an earlier state
- Pay when YOU want - where a borrower makes non-traditional payments by way of schedule
- Pay HOW you want - payment by way of different forms of currency or asset class
- Refundable Lender Fees - our famous product, only available at MortgageQuote
- Convertible Mortgage Security - where we convert a mortgage instrument into an equity position

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